Clear. On point. Smart. Thoughtful. Delivering sessions that shift your thinking.

Me speaking

Those are words or phrases I hear when I speak. For more than a decade, I’ve delivered keynotes, talks, and workshops for curious teams and communities, including those at Babson, the Ascent Conference, and the On Brand podcast. 

My approach to defining and running a business in the value economy will engage those looking to do business differently — and in a way that doesn’t waste their time. My sessions leave people energized, asking better questions, and armed with approaches they can use right away. 

Work With Me

Logos from different places I've spoken including the Ascent conference, Babson, and the On Brand podcast


★ What they think

“Katie was a ridiculously awesome guest on my podcast, She was a pleasure to talk to about her area of expertise. She is a consummate thought leader and invaluable resource when it comes to this subject matter. She articulates what she does for a living clearly and understandably, educating and enlightening her audience in an amiable, authoritative fashion.”

— Bob Cargill, Bob Cargill's Marketing Show


“Katie was an engaging speaker that brought energy and wisdom to her presentation.  Her anecdotes and real-world examples provided the audience with specific insights on current and developing practices. Additionally, Katie was a pleasure to work with, being nimble trying out a hybrid presentation model that allowed maximum participation.  She left the audience wanting to hear more and we would invite her back without hesitation.”

— Leslie Chiu, BabsonARTS


“Katie Burkhart is a brand guru! Specifically, purpose-driven businesses that are making a difference in the world. She is extremely intelligent and has a great outlook on business and building something special.”

— Joe Zanca, Get it Done Podcast


➔ Let’s make something great

From keynotes to half-day workshops, I customize each speaking engagement according to your goals and audience. Get in touch with me today so we can start developing something great brilliant.

Let's Do This

Me speaking. On a podcast.

P.S. I can also help you extend the experience by:

  • promoting your event on my social networks and in my newsletter (yup, this one)

  • co-creating a new article we can both publish

  • running an additional breakout session or panel moderation

  • attending receptions and networking events

  • provide additional tools, templates, and resources from the talk