I hate wasting time.

I don’t mean watching a movie, or washing my toilet, or even wandering in some boredom. I mean losing time to things that are of no value. The easiest way to find yourself in that position is to do things without knowing the point of doing them in the first place. 

That’s why asking, “What’s the point?” serves as my starting place. Asking that question sets my focus and grounds every question that follows.

Questions like: How did we get here? Does the original point still hold? If so, does it work? How does it work, anyway? If we take a different approach, what do we gain? What do we lose?

Asking these questions helps me understand the world I live in and make choices that make the most of my time. Doing that as a culture is what the value economy is all about. 



Why is this relevant?

We’re racing toward a world where we can generate whatever we want by using the right words. When production is cheap, choosing what to create becomes essential. The alternative renders us incapacitated by overwhelm.

Choosing well requires us to know the point and what we value. It requires us to dig deeper rather than blindly accept assumptions. It requires us to seek out the root cause rather than address the symptoms. It requires us to do the hard work of thinking for ourselves. 

All of this starts by asking better questions because questions change how you understand everything.



Why should I read WTP?

You don’t want to waste your time. You think independently, debate open-mindedly, and — above all else — value the intense pursuit of a life well lived. 

You want the truth even when it’s inconvenient. You want to think without boundaries. You want to find a better way to do things without burning the world down and ruling over the ashes. 

You’re grateful for what is and simultaneously pursue what can be.


"I thought your false values post was terrific. But your [sic] discussion with Gurwinder pushed me over the edge. This, I thought, is a Substack I need to support. — David Roberts


Ok, but who the hell are you?

My name is Katie Burkhart.



Um. I need more.

I own and run The MatterLogic Co. and its creative studio, Matter 7. I developed a framework that helps teams ask the right questions to make their time matter. I’ve been told that not only do I ask good questions, but I also answer the question you asked, the question you meant to ask, and the question you didn’t know to ask. 

I speak worldwide as a keynote speaker, session facilitator, and podcast guest, appearing on shows like On Brand with Nick Westergaard and The Business of Intuition with Dean Newlund. I’m also an Entrepreneur contributor, and my work has been published in The Startup, UX Collective, and Boston Content

I’m a city dweller who walks everywhere I need to go. I’ve been a board member, an advisor, a scenic designer, a props master, and a swimmer. I read a lot and want to read more.



Why do you have paid subscriptions?

Paid subscribers make WTP possible — they’re the reason I can invest the time to write articles, conduct interviews, and build some real-life community. If you’re a paid subscriber, thank you.

If you can’t afford a subscription, that’s okay. I’ll always publish free posts. 

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And if you need access to something that’s paywalled, email me at katie@askwtp.com.



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Should we work together?

I run a strategy and business design firm. We help teams develop a focused strategy that answers the question, “What’s the point?” (Surprised? I hope not). But we don’t stop there. We keep asking that question throughout your business so everything drives in one direction. If you’re intrigued, let’s jump on a call.

You can also work with me as a speaker.


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